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Robert A. Normand, Executive Director
Institute for Smart Business Management
Sarasota, Florida & Quepos, Costa Rica

“Small business is hardly small when it involves 5.6 million enterprises, employs more than 60,000,000 and accounts for 80% of new job creation. Small business is the heart and lifeblood of our economy!” Yet more than 50% of new businesses fail, unnecessarily, for lack of exposure to basic and proven management skills.


Institute Objective: “Make a serious dent in the small business failure rate by giving business managers better tools and teaching simple, easy-to-learn management skills!”

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The Institute for Smart Business Management
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Learn the skills you need to effectively manage your business. Learn at your own pace; build a library of operating procedures at your own pace andding just what you need when you need them.

Get low cost, plug-in systems, templates and operating procedures to increase your business profitability.

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The Six Step Recovery Program for Small Business  
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A program designed to help you and your business overcome obstacles and achieve success,
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A must have for all types of small business ventures.

This book is a great companion to the QuickStart Operating Procedures® of the Institute for Smart Business Management described above!




Mr. Normand moved to Costa Rica in October 2008 and now resides in the South-Central Pacific coast town of Quepos. In addition to instructing in business principles through Management Workshops done in cooperation with the local Chambers of Commerce and other business groups, he writes a monthly series called the Golden Gringo Chronicles about his living experiences in his adopted country.

Pura Vida!


Professional: Founder: Institute for Smart Business Management (I.S.B.M.). Mr. Normand has served as principal management consultant to more than 100 businesses ranging from $500,000 to $50,000,000 in annual sales. In addition, he founded and operated several businesses in diverse industries. Mr. Normand’s business philosophy is premised on the belief that management skills can be developed by busy entrepreneurs using readily available information, tools and procedures suitable for small business but rarely found in business schools or formal degree programs. His direct industrial experience as an executive includes chemicals, plastics, computer systems, office furniture, financial services, banking and management consulting. Prior to consulting and creating his own businesses, Mr. Normand was an executive at two Fortune 500 companies for more than 17 years.

Academic: B.S. University of Massachusetts, M.S. Villanova University, MBA Program Ohio University. Past Adjunct Professor of Small Business Management, Northampton Community College.

Author: The Six Step Recovery Program for Small Business. Also, author and publisher of numerous management articles published for over one dozen website ezines.


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